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Operation Guide

Setting Motion Detection Alarm with Hikvision NVR

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1.Enter Motion Detection interface of Camera Management and choose a camera you want to set up motion detection.

    Menu > Camera > Motion

2. Set up detection area and sensitivity.

Tick Enable Motion Detection, and use the mouse to draw detection area(s) and drag the sensitivity bar to set sensitivity.


By default, the motion detection is enabled and configured in full screen.

Click button and set alarm response actions.

3.Click Trigger Channel tab and select one or more channels which will start to record or become full-screen monitoring when motion alarm is triggered, and click Apply to save the settings.

4.Set up arming schedule of the channel.

    1)Select Arming Schedule tab to set the arming schedule of handling actions for the motion detection.

    2)Choose one day of a week and up to eight time periods can be set within each day.

    3)Click Apply to save the settings.


Time periods shall not be repeated or overlapped.

5.Click Handling tab to set up alarm response actions of motion alarm (please refer to Chapter 8.6 Setting Alarm Response Actions).

6.If you want to set motion detection for another channel, repeat the above steps or just click Copy in the Motion Detection interface to copy the above settings to it.