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Operation Guide

How to Use Hikvision Motorized Lens

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Operation on camera

1) Find the menu button Fig 1; for some cameras, the bubble needs to be disassembled. Fig 2


                    Fig 1                    Fig 2

2) Keep the menu button pulled in random direction (Up, Down, Left, Right) for more than 3s, Fig 3;


Fig 3

3) Zoom and focus according to the tips. After adjustment, press the menu button to exit or the adjustment interface will automatically disappear in 10s without any operation.

Operation on DVR

The “Zoom” and “Focus” functions are in PTZ control panel. After adjustment, click “Iris+” to exit (or the adjustment interface will automatically disappear in 10s without any operation) and then close the PTZ control panel, Fig 4.


Fig 4

Note: The “Zoom” and “Focus” functions are not relevant. Only DS-2CE16D9T-AIRAZH (5-50mm) supports “auto focus” function.