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Operation Guide

How to set video wall via Hikvision iVMS-4200

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Download iVMS-4200 software on and install it on PC.blob.png

Step 1: Run iVMS-4200 client software and then switch to Device Managementblob.png

Step 2: Click Encoding device, select the NVR in Online device and then click Add to client to add the NVR.blob.png

Step 3: Click Add New Device Type and then enable the Decoding Device.

blob.pngStep 4: Click Decoding Device, select the decoder and click Add to client to add it.



Step 5: Click Video Wall in Control panel.

blob.pngStep 6: Click Enter Video Wall Config.


Step 7: Clickblob.pngto add video wall, and then type in Name, Row and Column.blob.png

Step 8: Drag the video output of decoder to the video wall. (Such as VGA1)


Step 9: Click Back to Operation Page.


Step 10: Drag the camera to video wall to decoder it to monitor (Such as VGA1).


Step 11: Clickblob.pngto check the camera which is decoded.

blob.pngblob.pngStep 12: Drag the Group to the video wall and then all cameras in this group will switch automatically. Clickblob.pngto set switching interval.