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Operation Guide

How to preview ezviz device via Mobile Client

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The document will let you know the steps for how to register an ezviz account and how to preview the real time video of ezviz device.

Make your device ready 

1. Please connect the device (IPC/NVR/DVR) to the subnet where your computer locates. 

2. Configure the network (IP/Subnet Mask/Gateway/DNS server) correctly for your device. 

3. The ezviz access is enabled by default, but is recommended to check for your first time use.     a) For IP camera Please log in with web browser and go to Configuration>Advanced Configuration>Network>ezviz to check.


b) For DVR/NVR Please connect the DVR/NVR with a monitor locally and go to Configuration>Network>Extranet Access to check.


4. How to get and configure the Verification Code. 

    a) For IP camera The verification code is marked on the device label. Use ABCDEF if no verification code is provided.


    b) For DVR/NVR

    The verification code is marked on the device label which is the same as IP cam. If there is no code on the label, please connect the DVR/NVR with a monitor locally and go to Configuration>Network>Extranet Access to input one.


Preview via mobile client.

1. Download and install the APP for iOS or Android to the mobile phone. There are two methods: 

    a) On the top right corner of homepage of ezviz, you can clickblob.pngto download the APP. 

    b) Search “ezviz” via Apple Store or Google Play to download the APP. 

2. Register a new account. 

    Click the icon of the “ezviz” to access the login page. Click Register button and follow the steps below to create a new account. 

    a) Select an account type. Household user is only available now.

    b) Enter your Email address and the CAPTCHA code into the corresponding text boxes. Click Next to get the verification code which will be sent to your Email. 

    c) Enter the verification number and click Next to start the account settings. 

    d) Enter an available username and password into the corresponding text boxes, Click OK to complete the settings

3. Open the software and enter the login page. Enter the correct username and password. Click Login to log into the system.


4. Add the device. 

    Go to Device Page, clickblob.pngto enter the connection preparing page. Click on “The Device is connected” to enter the Add Device page. There are two methods to add. 

    a) Scan the QR Code. Align the QR Code with the scanning frame. The system will then automatically identify the device by scanning the code. Click on theblob.pngicon to add the device. 

    b) Manually enter the serial. Click on the Enter Code button on the upper-right side of the Scan Serial No. page, input the serial No. to add the device, and then click on theblob.pngicon to add the device. 

    Note: The QR Code can be found in the Quick Operation Guide or on the label of the device.

5. In My Camera page, click theblob.png icon on the thumbnail of the device to view real-time video of the required scene.