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Operation Guide

How to create Raid 5 array and create hot space disk in Hikvision 96NI-RT series NVR

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Step 1: Click Menu>HDD

Step 2: Click RAID> Physical Disk, select disks (No. 5, 6, 7) and then click Create.

Step 3: Select RAID 5 in RAID Level and then click OK.

Step 4: Click Array>Create Vd.

Step 5: Input Name and Capacity of virtual disk. The Background type is recommended in Initialization type. 

(You can find this virtual disk in RAID>Virtual Disk.)

Step 6: Click General> HDD information, select the HDD and initialize it. 

Step 7: Go to RAID> Physical Disk and then select the disk ( No. 8 ) which is not used for RAID 5, click   > Global Hot Space> Ok.

Step 8: Click RAID>Firmware and then enable Auto-rebuild

Note: When the auto-rebuild function is enabled, the hot spare disk No.8 will be automatically used for array rebuilding if the virtual disk is in Degraded status.