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Operation Guide

How to configure NVR storage server via iVMS-4200

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Please download iVMS-4200 software from the official website of Hikvision and install it on PC. 

Step 1: Run iVMS-4200 client.

Step 2: Add device in iVMS-4200 client. Switch to Device Management and click the add button.

Configure the parameters and click Add.

Step 3: Run iVMS-4200 NVR Storage Server.

Step 4: Configure Storage Server Click Storage Server in iVMS-4200 client.

Click Add, and then click Show online devices.

Select the Storage Server.

Configure the parameters and click Add.

Choose the storage server and click Remote Configuration.

Switch to HDD, choose a disk and format it.

Switch to Camera and click Add

Choose the Group and the Camera.

Switch to schedule, choose the Camera and then configure the Record Schedule.

Step 5: Remote playback Switch to Remote Playback.

Choose the Camera and the date, then click search.

Double click the record, and it will playback in window.