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Operation Guide

Configuring OSD Settings of Hikvision back-end device

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1. Enter the OSD Configuration interface. Menu > Camera > OSD

2. Select the camera to configure OSD settings.

3. Edit the Camera Name in the text field.

4. Configure the Display Name, Display Date and Display Week by checking the checkbox.

5. Select the Date Format, Time Format, Display Mode and the OSD font.

6. You can use the mouse to click and drag the text frame on the preview window to adjust the OSD position.

7. Copy Camera Settings

    1)If you want to copy the OSD settings of the current Hikvision camera to other Hikvision cameras, click the Copy button to enter the Copy Camera interface, as shown in below.

    2)Select the Hikvision camera (s) to be configured with the same OSD settings. You can also check the checkbox of Analog to select all cameras.

    3)Click the OK button to finish the Copy settings and back to the OSD Configuration interface.

8.  Click the Apply button to apply the settings.